so I have had a few scary things happen lately my grandpa was put in the hospital and told he needs valve reconstruction on his aortic valve! I have had bronchitis and been told I need to see a doctor for some things that are troubling as of late! I write these things down because despite those scary thing I am still so incredibly blessed. I not only have my amazing family including my mom who is nothing but supportive, I have friends and their families who view me as family too! my friend Suzanne and her husband Jason who I call Bro. took me to the ER at 1 in the morning. I found out I had almost waited to long and my infection had almost become pneumonia which could have been very bad. the whole reason I went was because Jason's dad say Sasha Hun that sounds really bad you could already have Pneumonia you need to go to the ER tonight! so Jason and Suz took me. they are incredibly supportive and always there when I need a shoulder. I am so grateful for my adoptive parents Deb and Tim Whalen and Margo and David Vick for being adoptive families that are always ready to welcome me into their homes and accept me.
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  1. Brittanie Says:

    YIKES! I hope you feel better soon! And I hope your grandpa gets better too.