So my Dear Friend Suzanne has the greatest family! her, her husband Jason and her son Riley have been a big support group for me! I love them dearly! they are very excepting and they are always there for me whether it be talking out a problem or just taking me out to a movie when I am sad or just cause. I love them and so I took some random pics of them and me here goes...........................

Suz has an Amazing Smile!

he wasn't really but this shows his personality he is a goof~

I was trying to make this face and I just couldn't do it his Eyebrows are crazy!!

I love this picture!

and Riley well he is a character......

I love this kid!!

his first ride with me in his big boy chair!!!

that fist he loves that fist!!

that is all I have to say for now!
2 Responses
  1. Brittanie Says:

    In that first pic with Riley in it it looks like he's making his dad's face. lol!

  2. What a CA-UTE family! I am so happy you have such a good support system. I love the pics!