So my Dear Friend Suzanne has the greatest family! her, her husband Jason and her son Riley have been a big support group for me! I love them dearly! they are very excepting and they are always there for me whether it be talking out a problem or just taking me out to a movie when I am sad or just cause. I love them and so I took some random pics of them and me here goes...........................

Suz has an Amazing Smile!

he wasn't really but this shows his personality he is a goof~

I was trying to make this face and I just couldn't do it his Eyebrows are crazy!!

I love this picture!

and Riley well he is a character......

I love this kid!!

his first ride with me in his big boy chair!!!

that fist he loves that fist!!

that is all I have to say for now!
So I recently made a huge decision! I am going back to school! and while I am super excited! I am also very very Nervous! I am writing this because anyone who would comment is someone who's opinion's and suggestion's I Respect and Need right now! I would love to hear anything that could help this transition be smoother/easier just anything you would view helpful!

also.......... here are some things that are new.
I got my patriarchal Blessing!
Mom moved back to Utah (the world is right again)
then here are some recent and not so recent pictures and just funnies to show since it's been forever I suppose I need to make up for lost time!
this is a scrapbook of my Friend Denise's going away Party!

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