Today I was a part of History! Today 18000 people got together to Celebrate the Festival of Colors! it was hosted by the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork and it seemed like a truly bonded group of people it was so fun to see the cloud of colors surrounding us and you look pretty cool after your done too! I went with my friends Amanda and Jenean! They are great Girls and I just Love them!

so mom was here for a few days she left Tuesday night :(! I really miss her allready and I feel bad because she spent the few days she was here trying to get me feeling better! I have had a chest cold or bronchitis for like 3 weeks! she did the mom thing and I was grumpy and I hope she knows how amazing I think she is!
So I think that I have been slacking so much because I feel this super big need to have pictures and something huge to say to be able to blog.... but it's not true. I have been doing a lot in my ward I am the 2nd counselor in relief society!!! who would have thought a year ago I would be here I feel good about that it is so overwhelming but so rewarding! any way I wanted to say hi and I will try to be better!!
Love Yah!