Okay so I know it has been a while.. here are my Adventures. I am going to start way back


so my friends Brianna Hall, Denise White, Ryan Roeth, and Sara Copland. I was a very excited to go and hang out because I hadn't been in so long... I was so surprised alot of the rides were really fast to get on the lines were so little. Here are some picturesMe and Denise!
Brianna Denise Me Sarah and Ryan!
Me Denise and Brianna

I am silly!

okay so that was a while ago I have just not had a chance to write!

next was Halloween!!! here are pics of Me, Jenn and Jamie!!!

aren't we Cute spooky!!

next was my road trip to Las Vegas!!!!

this trip was a mecha for Sean and Ashley to see Madonna and I was just lucky to go with we had such a fun time!!!I had such a good time!